Travellin’ ’round the GoW countryside: how Ancient Kingdom teleports have changed the face of Game of War: Fire Age


Screenshot from the opening page, just before it loads

Okay, so it’s been a while since my last blog post about Game of War: Fire Age. The game has evolved in leaps and bounds since my last post, most notably:

  • New maximum hero level 60 (introduced late July 2015)
  • New March research (increased march size, rally size capacity and embassy troop capacity increase)
  • Wild Combat (new Wild Troops, tiers 1-4)
  • Alliance City Bazaar
  • Alliance City Combat
  • New hero research (World Boss monsters)
  • New Hero gear sets and core sets
  • Ancient Kingdoms
  • Kingdom Merge

The most profound change in Game of War: Fire Age is the creation of ancient kingdoms. Protected kingdoms become ancient based on:

  • The age of the kingdom (typically kingdoms at least 6-8 months old are earmarked to become ancient kingdoms)
  • Population size (low population kingdoms tend to be given first preference for becoming ancient)

If your kingdom has recently become an ancient kingdom, expect a Kingdom Merge kill event within weeks of becoming an ancient kingdom. It may be as early as a week after becoming an ancient kingdom.

My first kingdom, Ferdi (Kingdom 498) became an ancient kingdom just after New Year’s Day, 2016. In the first weekend in January, we had our Merge KVK against kingdom Caelan. Ferdi won (which came as a shock to everyone, given the kingdom’s long-running KVK losing streak). Several Caelan players weren’t too happy with the results, with one player changing his player name to “FUK FERDI” at the conclusion of the event.

Another perk that came with the creation of ancient kingdoms, is the ancient kingdom teleport. Just like your advanced and random teleports (which you can use to port within a given kingdom), ancient kingdom teleports come in advanced and random. Don’t like the kingdom your stronghold (and hero) grew up in? Got a lover in another kingdom and you want to be with him/her in-game, and port over to his/her kingdom or get him/her to port over to yours? Or do you and your alliance want to be GoW’s answer to the Leyland Brothers? Pick a kingdom and use your advanced ancient kingdom teleport, or leave it to chance and use a random ancient kingdom teleport and see where it takes you. (NB: The ancient kingdom teleports are only available in gold packs, so be sure to keep an eye out for them when they become available.) After the Ferdi/Caelan merge KVK, several players from both kingdoms had indicated that they had ancient kingdom teleports on the ready, in the event that the outcome was not in their favour.

I waited until the end of January to give the ancient teleports a try. I had two random ancient kingdom teleports in my inventory. I used my first one, and found myself in Jaakko (Kingdom #555). I collected scores of heroes (mostly non-executable), and brought them back to Ferdi for a bit of “Hero Racing” – How “hero racing” works (and I first did this during a kill event), you go into another kingdom, collect as many non-executable heroes as you can, teleport home and then shield to release (or deconstruct your prison to release if you port in the forest). The first hero past the kingdom border is the winner. At the time, no one thought to place bets on which hero would pass the kingdom border first. I had to rename a few captives, but the lag while scrolling down the long list of captured heroes was terrible because I had captured so many. I have so many Captured Hero Renames in my inventory, thanks to prizes earned in kill events. I chose names of famous race horses (one hapless hero got renamed Makybe Diva, and another got renamed Phar Lap), others got something else entirely. But that was but a drop in the ocean of possibilities presented by the introduction of ancient kingdom teleports:


#1. Outlanders can teleport in and make your kingdom their new home

Before the Ferdi/Caelan merge, a few lone wolves ventured in to Ferdi and made themselves at home in a Ferdi alliance. Many had their reasons for wanting to move from their home kingdom. They had ported to Ferdi by choice (and in some cases, by chance) and they were welcomed by the kingdom. One or two decided to stay for good.


#2. Outlanders will port in on a Wonder Dungeon “vacation”

One random day in Ferdi, all was quiet… until somebody posted in the kingdom chat, “Hey! Stayalive77 is at the wonder!”


Yes, the then-Emperor of the Kingdom of Fire himself, Stayalive77, was at our wonder. The poor fellow had to deal with people one-trooping and scouting him while his hero negotiated the wonder dungeon. Subsequently, several big players rocked up to send their heroes into the depths.

That’s all the fun stuff. However, there’s a catch…


#3. Outlanders can teleport in and raze your kingdom, without the benefit of a KVK

There are going to be players who will port around from kingdom to kingdom, to burn everything in sight. There were outlanders drifting around Ferdi, burning people, tile hitting and collecting heroes.

Now, here’s the cold, harsh truth about being in an ancient kingdom: Even if your kingdom had set rules and everyone abided by them, nothing is going to stop a player from another kingdom from porting in and doing whatever they want. Because fuck you and fuck your rules, that’s why. They pay their money and they’ll play the game however they want. Throw the rule book away, it’s not even worth the paper it’s printed on. You can moan in kingdom chat about tile hitting until you are blue in the face, but you may as well appeal to a brick wall.

Having said that, it’s not just the lone wolves you have to worry about. Whole rally teams had shown up in Ferdi…


#4. Rally teams can turn up in your kingdom and really raise hell

Ferdi got two surprise visits on two different occasions from rally teams hailing from other kingdoms. The first was just after Ferdi became an ancient kingdom, and the second was  after the merge with Caelan was complete. (On a side note, the Ferdi/Caelan merge took 10 days to complete, because MZ bit off more than it could chew by holding several merge kvks at once.)

The first time around was just before Ferdi’s merge kill event, when a posse from an alliance in kingdom 412 (Andris), turned up and challenged the top alliances for the wonder. Of course, the top alliances got their hackles up. Who the hell do these people think they are? the top alliances were thinking. Ancient Kingdom teleports were set to change the game profoundly, yet some people were in denial, or just wilfully ignorant to the new doors of possibilities the ancient teleports opened. The Andris players rattled a few cages (and certainly angered the top alliances when they started spending the kingdom’s crowns on various economics boosts), but what the kingdom experienced was a taste of things to come. The Andris players made it known that Ferdi had earned a reputation as a farming kingdom (as evidenced by other lone wolves, including one sole member of Stayalive77’s alliance D:V, with a collection of up to 70 executable heroes from Ferdi strongholds in their prison) and they had turned up to motivate Ferdi to put its collective fighting gloves on. Andris had its merge kill event on the same weekend as Ferdi, and ironically, Ferdi won its merge kvk; Andris lost theirs. And when I said they were giving Ferdi a taste of things to come…

Shortly after Caelan was absorbed into Ferdi and everyone had settled in, Ferdi was, once again, the unwilling host to a posse of unannounced visitors. The alliance Bx$ (Blood Oath Syndicate) decided to pay Ferdi a visit, and caught a few big players with their shields down, heroes in research gear. Of course, they proceeded to zero the unlucky souls (surely the Andris episode should have taught them a thing or two)…

The fun really started when a banned account at around 17bn power, caught their eye. The hero was still in the city, and the hero’s equipped gear was masked thanks to Hades gems. The banned account had come in from Caelan, and according to the Caelan players, the gemmed gear was in fact the full Haunted Xena set gear. Not to be deterred, Bx$ rallied the banned account… and the banned account ate the entire march and captured the rally leader’s hero. (It didn’t help that the rally leader’s choice of cores was the Dragon King set, now a little bit piss weak against Haunted Xena compared to the new core sets.) The rally leader ultimately had to hemlock to get his hero back. They hung around for a few days, dragging out the wonder battle for as long as they could, much to the chagrin of top alliances. But, Ferdi can’t complain, players from Ferdi did the same thing in Latrell (Kingdom 659) about a week before this blog was posted… And as I type this, I log in to my farm account, which is still in Ferdi, and discover that Blood Oath Syndicate have made a return visit…


#5. Your adopted kingdom will become your new home kingdom if it loses a merge kill event (if you don’t port home beforehand)

About a week or so after my little misadventure in Jaakko,  I used my second ancient random teleport to see where it would take me. I found myself in Kalmarsa, kingdom 657. Within minutes of arriving, they welcomed me like an old friend and I was invited to join an alliance. I dropped my tags and joined one of the top alliances in that kingdom. Kalmarsa had only just become an ancient kingdom, and their merge kill event was imminent. I told my new alliance members (and the other players in the kingdom) about Ferdi’s merge with Caelan. They asked, “When can we expect our merge?” My reply was, “As early as this weekend, but definitely within a month.” Sure enough, their merge kill event was the forthcoming weekend, so I decided to stick around and fight with them.

Kalmarsa ultimately lost the merge war, and the next question to me was, “How long until the merge is complete?” I told them about Ferdi’s long wait for the merge (Ferdi and Caelan both had a 16-way KVK in the interim, while they waited for MZ to get their shit together. The choice of kingdoms in Ferdi’s KVK was a dick move on part of MZ – of the 16 kingdoms, 10 had completed their merge, and not surprisingly, those ten kingdoms were in the top ten kingdoms for that kill event – the bottom 6 were all low population kingdoms). To my utmost surprise, Kalmarsa and Latrell didn’t have to wait anywhere near as long as Ferdi and Caelan did. Two or three days after the KVK, the merge was complete. One morning, I logged in to my main account to say hello to my alliance members and collect gifts. Kalmarsa still existed. I log out to take a shower, then dress for work and make a coffee, come back and lo and behold, I found my stronghold in the middle of Nowhere, Latrell! Then, I noticed this at the bottom of my player profile:



Yup, Ferdi was ousted and Latrell became my new home kingdom. Had I used an ancient home teleport before the merge was complete, Ferdi would have remained my home kingdom. But, I saw it as a good thing. I haven’t been back to Ferdi since, but…

#6. You will always run into your old kingdom mates from time to time

Meanwhile, in Ferdi, my absence was seemingly felt across the kingdom. So, one or two from alliance @fF in Ferdi, decided to visit Latrell…


Then, weeks later, they came back and brought half the bloody kingdom with them…


They did in Latrell what Blood Oath Syndicate did in Ferdi. So, next time a bunch of outlanders port into your kingdom and take over your wonder, chances are that an alliance in your kingdom is planning the same thing.


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I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a child, I would create characters and write about their adventures. This continued through my teenage years. I am studying Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing. After I complete this course, I can become an editor, copywriter and freelance for writing research reports, journals and content for different media. I also have a profile on NaNoWriMo, and I achieved my 50,000 words for 2014.
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5 Responses to Travellin’ ’round the GoW countryside: how Ancient Kingdom teleports have changed the face of Game of War: Fire Age

  1. Annalee says:

    Saved this blog to my favs….keep it going! It’s awesome! I’m still growing and haven’t started attacking or fighting much….as my troops are low. Your blog is so motivating for me.


  2. Kael says:

    We had the whole Squirt Squad (50B minimum with Stayalive77) zeroing our 30B leader and he WAS ofline but managed to get the 3rd rally and capture SOIT4SCIENCE`s Hero (144B) and we thought it was hilarious. We pruposely took hits to hold the greatest GOW players heroes for a while. Was fun till the Hemlock Party started


  3. Al says:

    Any suggestion to a good ancient kingdom to move to, meaning less bullies within the kingdom. I’m about 2.4 billion and want to move out of where I amas the game is no longer fun due to the kingdom.


  4. Dolcedi says:

    Any thoughts on a kingdom to ancient teleport to and make it a permanent home?


    • I don’t think any kingdom is free from douchebaggery. You’ll find it everywhere. And the douchebags will turn up to any given kingdom at any given time to raise hell. Best thing to do is use a peace shield when you’re offline or conducting any construction, research or hitting monsters.


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